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There are two things that bug me about Iron Man Three, despite it being a solid, original addition to what should have been just another tired retread of the same old Marvel BS.

Placing under a cut because spoilers

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Kind of regretting not buying the set of these from Artist Alley now. THEY ARE AMAZING AND CUTE AND I NEED THEM NOW.

Overheard at a recent Avengers showing: “How come they didn’t ask Black Iron Man to join?” Guy kind of has a point. Jim Rhodes (aka “War Machine”) is a staple of both Iron Man and Avengers comic continuity, and played a major supporting role in both Iron Man movies. When you think about it, given the recurring story point that S.H.I.E.L.D.’s problem with Iron Man is strictly Tony Stark’s bad attitude, the idea that they didn’t recruit the guy who has all of Iron Man’s powers, more onboard weapons and is already an enlisted military professional is something of a plot hole.

Remember when Tony Stark met Iron Man and it broke the space-time continuum forever?