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Here are a couple of panorama shots from last night’s National concert. A few points that stuck in my head:

  • I watched Mistaken For Strangers beforehand, a movie I was meant to see back in May but I had the whole hospital dance going on. As the little brother of someone who is insanely talented (my older brother is a nuclear physicist working to cure cancer), a lot of it hit close to home. I think I liked it more than the last National record, but still not sure.
  • I had convinced myself to not buy merch before the show. Enter show, buy tour t-shirt. Despite already owning a National tee. I am the worst.
  • Luluc, the support act, would occasionally do this thing where the guy of the band would stop playing and just stare at his female bandmate like it was some sort of mind control trick and it freaked me out.
  • The National didn’t play Rains of Castamere.
  • They also didn’t play Exile Vilify
  • The venue really was that amazingly pretty. One of the best venues I have ever bee to.
  • I’ve seen this band six times now and this was by far their best show.
  • They played About Today, which I hadn’t seen live since 2007. It really is their best song.
  • You can watch the whole thing here.
  • A roadie threw the set list from the stage and hit me in the neck while I was talking to somebody else. Someone else picked it up. 
  • I learned that one of my friends used all his personal savings to buy a bitcoin.
  • I kept bumping into people I know at the end but that is to be expected I guess.
  • I sold my ticket to Queens of the Stone Age/Nine Inch Nails. It’ll be during my shitty machine time, and I think after this and Arcade Fire I can start winding down my concert presence.

I am too high on Oxycodone to say anything about this concert right now and I have to leave the house soon. I guess if you are really eager for a review leave me an ask or something.

But in terms of strange, outside-of-comfort-zone experiences I have had, this is really high up there. REALLY HIGH UP THERE.

Every (Recent) Big Day Out in a nutshell.

I promised Caitlin I wouldn’t post this pic of me in front of the actual 221b Baker Street because it’d be obvious Sherlock fandom baiting.

I obviously can’t keep promises.

My nephew is the cutest dude ever. LOOK AT HIM! HE EVEN HIGH-FIVES ON DEMAND! 

Reworded my About Me so that it’s 600% more of an egotistical wank than before!

Reworded my About Me so that it’s 600% more of an egotistical wank than before!


The Riddler, Pinky Pie, Link and an Angry Bird walked into a bar…

All of the DC cosplays! Including a Rule 63 Red Robin, who was my downright fave of what I saw (would have asked her out right there and then, but nervousness, morals, etc)

Kind of regretting not buying the set of these from Artist Alley now. THEY ARE AMAZING AND CUTE AND I NEED THEM NOW.

Lisa in a picture of Lisa. Lisaception.


>Take off shirt
>suddenly well-dressed for a con 

Before this pic, one of his friends screamed at him as they were trying to get out of the crowd “I’ll help you!”


 korraspasm replied to your photoWe had to find a secluded area with nobody in the…

I find people who cosplay memes the most interesting and strange people

I guess cosplaying a gif-able internet sensation also falls into this category.