BuzzFeed said I was a reason they were over Coachella, I once ate 40 McNuggets to impress a music channel into giving me a job interview, I've punched Theon Greyjoy of Game of Thrones, danced on-stage with the Flaming Lips, Thom Yorke owes me €20, and this blog is endorsed by Commander Shepard from Mass Effect.

I'm 23, from Australia, possibly dying but infinitely awesome.
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“I’ll teach you how to flow.” (The Tempest)

“He speaks plain cannon fire, and smoke and bounce.” (King John)

“I have within my mind / A thousand raw tricks of these bragging Jacks, / Which I will practise.” (The Merchant of Venice)

“That’s an ill phrase.” (Hamlet)

“Holla, holla!” (King Lear)

“I am the dog: no, the dog is himself, and I am the dog–Oh! the dog is me, and I am myself.” (The Two Gentlemen of Verona)

“You knights of Tyre / Are excellent in making ladies trip.” (Pericles)

“Just as high as my heart.” (As You Like It)

“Thou art raw.” (As You Like It)

“Our tongue is rough, coz, and my condition is not smooth.” (Henry V)

“Ay, on the front.” (Macbeth)

“Holla, you clown!” (As You Like It)

“Our cake’s dough on both sides.” (The Taming of the Shrew)

“Trip no further, pretty sweeting.” (Twelfth Night)

“Look, when I serve him so, he takes it ill.” (The Comedy of Errors)

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