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It astounds me how, despite a good three decades of direct technological advancement in consumer electronics, printers seem to be stuck in the fucking Middle Ages. It seems unless you work in a field that needs professional printing, like graphic design or photography, every printer sucks.

For me to print something off, on a printer that is a mere six months old, I have to get out of bed, plug my laptop into my printer, turn my printer on, wait for the printer to load, wait for the printer to speak with my laptop, then wait for the printer to do it’s job. Oh yeah, if the ink is out it’ll cost you almost as much as the printer to get it running. And the paper might jam and if it does you’re fucked.

I get this is how Epson, Lexmark, Canon, Brother et al. make money: They make shitty low-end printers the break easily so they need to be regularly replaced and make the ink cost ten times more than diesel fuel (a hyperbole that is close to accurate, btw) so they can have a steady flow of cash from those printers that do work. If I want to get rid of any of the steps above I have to buy other shit from them, too.

But it’s so bullshit. It’s bullshit the way Blockbuster was bullshit with late fees and poor customer service and high rental prices and yearly membership fees. Remember how Netflix and it’s similar services worldwide practically destroyed them? I really want some hipster engineer at Apple or Microsoft or anywhere to make a printer that Netflixes the fuck out of the consumer printing market.

This is the future. I can order books from the UK to give to my friend 1000km away in Melbourne and have it giftwrapped on the way without them the vendor ever getting my credit card details. I can find out about who is the next president of Libya from my facebook friends faster than I do from any news source because they’ve all made memes about it before a single by-line is written. I can see movies hours after it’s released in the US, not through YouTube or torrent services, but through AU gifsets on tumblr that are reblogged by people who forget to add spoiler tags to their post. And I have to get off my ass to print off this form?

Really, world? Really?

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