Whenever the blue meth is on set, I am constantly eating it. It’s cotton candy-flavored rock candy. They dye it a little bit, but I don’t care — I just eat through the dye. I get everyone to try it.  I literally try to hand out our drugs to new [actors] on the show. They’re like, ‘No, I don’t want to try.’ ‘Here just have one. You’re on Breaking Bad! Eat some of the meth!’ And they do and they’re like, ‘Wow, that’s actually really good.’ And then I always see them go to the big bins of meth, grab out a few and eat it…. I’m like, ‘Yeah, you’re liking my product.”

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the new Guardians of the Galaxy still looks amazing

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personal anthem for 2014

The @gelatomessina #gameofcones flavours, minus Robert Baratheon (sold out boo)

Jen and the @gelatomessina Machina! (at Messina On Surry hills)

Hey UNSW peeps, grab a copy of Tharunka for my #edgy critique of the Oscars! 🏆🏆 (at UNSW (The University of New South Wales))

I have emojis on my phone now but they’re the horrible Android knock offs why? 😱😰😨😱😱😞😞😞😞💢💢💢💢


home of many classics, such as Spit It And Away and Howl’s Moving Car Sale


home of many classics, such as Spit It And Away and Howl’s Moving Car Sale

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i probably hit this level at a party around hour 5, maybe 6.

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*debates whether to buy something* *imagines aziz ansari saying “treat yo self”* *treats self*

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The Federal Government could save more than $1 billion if it recovered outstanding debts from student loans, a new report says.

The Grattan Institute says about 17 per cent of the Government’s HELP loans will not be repaid and this year that works out to about $1.1 billion.

The think tank says arts graduates are least likely to repay their student loan and it also points out female graduates who work part-time.

Student loan debt to cost Federal Government $1 billion this year, Grattan Institute report says - The Age

Oooooh there’s something that’s really getting to me about “female graduates who work part-time” and I’m having trouble articulating it properly. Is it “please maybe we could think more about WHY women are working part-time - is it because child care is too expensive? Is it because it is all they could negotiate after returning to work after having children?” Or, also, like, “THEY’RE COMPLETELY ALLOWED TO WORK PART TIME.” And that it has always been part of the rules that if you don’t hit that threshold you don’t have to pay it back. 

This is a messy post. 

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Ewwwwwwww no

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My room is actually a kindergarten

From last night: the downright worst thing I have ever eaten